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Trip to Japan by the trust management

Koriyama Municipal Meusem & Art Gallery

Koriyama Municipal Meusem & Art Gallery

The trust management is leaving for Japan on 30th November on their business trip and will have busy schedule of just over one week, returning on 8th December. We visit Koriyama Municipal Museum and Art Gallery for the meeting with the head of the museum & gallery to discuss about possible future collaboration over exhibitions, Japan Scotland Society to hold presentation meeting for them and are expecting to hold several friendly meetings with important supporters of the Trust one of whom donated recently £2000 to the trust fund. The management will stay at one of the Japanese supporters' house. At Koriyama Municipal Museum and Art Gallery they also discuss about their progress of translation work on a book by Christopher Dresser "Japan, its Architecture, Art,and Art Manufactures ",as the museum has also been working on the same project.

Donations in money and kind and St James Place Unit Trusts

In October the trust management received large financial donation from our supporters in Tokyo, £2000. Donor is a long standing friends' of the chairman since the time of Group Captain Murphy. The donation was first lodged into the Trust Charity Account of Bank of Scotland and after some complicated process with St. James Place and Bank of Scotland it is now safely transferred into St. James Place Trust Unit with additional £1000 from Bank of Scotland Trust Charity Account, making the total £3000, the management also received  a small donation of £20 from supporters of the trust in Tokyo. We had hoped that within the 1st year of fundraising to achieve a target of 1 Unit Trust at this time, thanks to the support from Japan we have doubled this figure. The The Trust Management would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated items, attended a Trust event or bought at one of our Trust fundraising sales.

Apart from the above two financial donation the trust management received a very interesting book on Chinese Sung Dynasty's art, published in 1957 by Chinese Classic Art Pub. House in Peking and compiled by Zheng Zhenduo and several others.The book is called Sung Dynasty Album Paintings ( 宋人書冊 )and first edition ,second printing which makes it quite valuable book. One of editors Zheng Zhenduo  worked for the Forbidden City Palace Museum and played significant role for culture and literary life of China during 1930s to 1950s. Although he died in air crash a few years after the publication of the book he predicted by his research and intuition rough location of Terracotta Warriors which were to excavated in 1990s. The book is hardcover and fine dust jacket condition and it came to the trust management from trust long standing lady supporter who has lately rearranged number of books as she was moving to a new flat.

Book interior
Sung Dynasty Album Paintings. Song Ren Hua Ce. Catalogue of Traditional Chinese Paintings Co-editor Zheng Zhenduo December 19, 1898 – October 17, 1958

My Donate with BT (British Telecom)

The Victor Murphy Trust has now established a method of enabling secure online monetary fundraising and donations called "My Donate", this widely used form of charity fundraising allows 100% of all donations to be passed onto charities which have registered within the BT initiative. The process of donation allows anyone to contribute an amount of money to the named charity. We have included a link to the "My Donate" Victor Murphy Trust page and we hope in 2016 we can report to supporters and "Friends" some further success in Trust fundraising via this secure service.       

 The Victor Murphy Trust SC037409 "My Donate" Homepage


Translationwork on Christopher Dresser's book

Translation work of ”Japan ,Its Architecture, Art, And Art Manufactures” has been slow but steady progress since summer during which we could hardly carry on the work owing to busy guest house business and my tour work for Japanese tourists.  we were hoping to resume the work when September came in but it was not the case as September was surprisingly busy. However when October came in the matter was totally different and we started regular translation work on the book. At this time of writing this article we have covered 102 pages and hoping by the end of November we will make further progress.


Report on installment payment for the panting by Steve Campbell

The trust management met Mrs Carol Campbell, widow of the artist Steve Campbell, on 5th November in Edinburgh and settled further payment for the painting.

Carol Campbell with Kozo

The trust purchased this painting from The Steve Campbell Trust, we now have the last installment to settle and hope to complete the total payment for the painting by the end of spring next year. The trust management had not met Mrs Campbell for about 6 months and were very pleased to have made one more further installment. The meeting was amicable and the management is looking forward to the last payment in spring after which the panting arrives at the trust headquarter.

Garden damage done by two cars collision in front of the house

On 24th October the trust garden wall was substantially damaged again by one of two cars collided on the traffic crossing in front of the trust headquarter. It is the second incident happened and damaged trust garden wall within 17 months and the incident happened exactly in the same manner and under the same circumstance as before. The trust management has been working to attend various aspect of solution to start repair work of the wall. Wall Damage 2015The latest situation is we have been communicating with law firm and insurance company through Federation of Small Business which the trust  chairman is member of and situation is not all black. We hope to get to certain solution for the problems by the time we return from Japan on 8th December.

 (Trust Garden in springtime)

Spring Garden

Although the gardenwall is damaged badly fortunately the car did not come into the garden itself with car front just touched edge of the garden. So more or less garden is intact and is now quietly resting for spring. All pre-winter garden work had been carried out when the accident happened. The trust management has planted several hundred bulbs of spring flowers and advent of spring is waited upon.

Christmas Charity Party & 2016 Christmas Card

Trust charity Christmas Party is going to be held on 12th December this year at the trust headquarter and time is from 18.00 to 20.00.The trust management likes to welcome as many as possible number and donation for the occasion is £10.00 per person. All donation goes to the trust fund we hold with Bank of Scotland. Please let the trust management know your interest in joining the occasion by 8th December, we hope to see many of you at the occasion.

Trust Charity Christmas Party 
12th December Saturday
from 18.00 to 20.00hrs

Venue theTrust HQ 
3 Mayfield G
ardens, Edinburgh EH9 2AX
Contact   tel...0131-667-1337

Parisian Boulervard circa 1935

James Kay RSA,RSW 1858-1942

 The selection for this years Christmas card is a very colorfull painting by James Kay RSA, RSW 1858-1942, the subject is a Parisian Boulivard circa 1935,  James Kay was born in Lamlash on the Isle of Arran, son of a CPO in the Royal Navy, he is well know for his landscapes and scenes of shipping around Glasgow and the River Clyde.

Burns Supper "An Evening with Burns" Charity evening

The trust management is holding our 2nd annual charity Burns Supper on 28th January next year at the trust HQ with cooperation from Robert Burns World Federation. This time we hope to get one or two other contributors apart from the contributors from the Federation and piper. The trust management is now organizing program for the evening with help from the Federation. A Traditional 3 course meals will be served with a dram of Whisky and donation for the occasion is £15.00 per person.  As our Christmas party event all donation goes to the trust charity account with Bank of Scotland. As it is sitting evening event number we can take is limited to 15 excluding entertainers .We hope to see reasonable number of attendance.

Trust Evening with Robert Burns  28th January Thursday  from 18.30-21.00hrs
Venue  the trust HQ  3 Mayfield Gardens, Edinburgh EH9 2AX
Contact   tel......0131-667-1337  

The trust management visit to Abbotsford House

As the management reported in the last news letter they have been working to organized tour of Scotland for Japan Scotland Society which commences 31st March 2016.

Kozo with Marian at AbbotsfordOn 2nd April the group stays at a wing of historic Abbotsford House , which has reopened to the public with accommodation

Hope Scott Wing Abbotsford

The Hope Scott wing, Abbotsford House

facility in 2013 after almost 5 years restoration work .The wing is called the Hope Scott Wing, Abbotsford House was home of Sir Walter Scott built early 19th century and the wing in question has been used as residential part of the house for the Scott family, therefore it has never opened previously to the public.

The reason for the visitto the wing was to see all rooms and facility of the wing where the group is to stay. Prior to the visit the management had been in communication with Miss Marianne Rustad (see photo) of the wing and had memorable guided tour of the building.

In all account the visit was extremely successful and the management has confirmed of stunning beautiful state of the rooms and the building which usual”star”recognition does not have any part to play.

The trust organized tour of Scotland for Japan Scotland Society

Japan Scotland Society in Tokyo asked the trust management to organize a tour of Scotland for April 2016 and the management has been working on it since May this year. The group arrives in Edinburgh on 31st March 2016 and return to Japan on 9th April.The itinerary has been laid out and all hotels, coach company and places to visit has been arranged together with several optional tours and events taking place during the tour. As it is early April and the Highland part of Scotland is still cold the tour concentrates on the Lowland part of the country including the Borders, central Scotland and Isle of Arran with Edinburgh as main city to stay where they stay four nights. The trust management arranged BA as a airline from Tokyo to Edinburgh and back to Tokyo. Kelpies at the Helix Falkirk

They also meet Japan Scotland Society at their office in Tokyo during their visit to Japan and hold and presentation of the tour for the society.

 The Kelpies at the Helix Centre Falkirk

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